Bethesda Library Under MORE Pressure from County Head Leggett

Folks, as you know we really don’t like to get political on this blog. We are much more comfortable discussing the farmers market or happy hour or art exhibits or charity events.

However on this warm Thursday evening in May we cannot stand by without noting our humble opposition to the terrible damage Montgomery County Head Isiah Leggett is inflicting on our wonderful Bethesda library.

Not content with with the cuts he has forced in library services, hours etc. that have already harmed the library and, crucially, the community it serves, Leggett is now looking to squeeze a few more dollars out of it by forcing library patrons to pay for parking.

Further, the Washington Post reports that Leggett is also looking to cut other library services across the county to gather a few more dollars:

Other library-related cuts proposed April 22 include the elimination of several positions and reductions in materials and other expenses, such as interpreting services for the deaf and hard of hearing.

What pols like Leggett don’t seem to understand is that libraries are a valuable cornorstone of the community that are really, really important to lots of people including folks who may not be able to come up with a few dollars a day for parking while using the services.

Who might be negatively impacted by parking charges? For starters there are those who are job hunting and are using the library as a base. Also impacted are families on tight budgets who use the library as a place to instill the gift of reading in their kids. Another impacted group is seniors  - many use the library to relax and read (in particular when the temperature outside is too hot or cold) Do we really need to squeeze a few dollars out of them? Surely we can do better?


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