Austin Grill Seems to Have Closed

As Brian pointed out in the comments below, Austin Grill seems to have closed its doors here in Bethesda. If that is correct, it is a bit of a shame as I quite liked their reasonable prices and nice outdoor seating area. I found AG to be a decent place for a couple of drinks, chips and salsa on a summer’s evening. I don’t know the reason for the closing (if that is what it is) but perhaps the combination of Uncle Julio’s and  Tia Queta proved to be too much competition in their niche?

When I walked past their (old) premises a couple of days ago I noticed that there was a refurbishment going on inside and Brian mentioned in the comments below that an American Tap Room may be filling the void. We’ll check it out and get back to you with more details.

Would you be happy to see a Tap Room in that spot if AG has infact closed its doors in downtown Bethesda?


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