New Farmers Market Opening in Veterans Park

Farmers Market

You may remember a week or so ago I mentioned that the farmers market at Veterans Park was scheduled to close. In the same piece I also wrote about my positive experience with the Dupont Circle farmers market (I used to go there a lot when I lived in DC) and wished we could replicate that one here. Well it seems as if things are moving in a good direction on this matter!

According to reports Bethesda UP is working with Fresh Farm Markets (the folks who run the Dupont one) to open a new one in Bethesda (in Veterans Park!) from mid-June. This is a really good move and should ensure that we have another terrific farmers market in a key part of Bethesda. Now, what would really be good is if we can all support the market and encourage them to keep it going all year round.

More to follow on this story from us but this is VERY positive!


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