Bethesda Farmers Market’s

Yesterday we reported that the Farmers Market in Veterans Park may not be reopening this Spring. Obviously this is a bit of a disappointment for everyone who works, shops or strolls through it but the news got me thinking — what are the most popular farmers and similar markets in our area?

For me, the market in Veterans Park is high on the list but I am also a fan of the Women’s Cooperative market on Wisconsin Ave. It has a lot of character and I like the interesting local foods you can buy there. I haven’t had much of a chance to check out the farmers market that is open on occasion in Bethesda Lane (in fact I need to double check to see if it will be impacted by the decision to close the Veterans Park one) so can’t really rate it.

I do wonder whether Bethesda could support a year round farmers market to replace the one that is closing in Veterans Park. Where could it be held and what would need to be changed to ensure that it was sustainable over the long run?

In a funny sort of way I think that a new, year round, market could work if it was expanded in size. I’d love to see one that included all the favorites from the Veterans Park market + a whole lot of additions.

Before moving to Bethesda I lived in the Dupont area and the market held there on a Sunday was rich in variety, something that brought out the crowds on a Sunday morning. Could we replicate that in Bethesda without impacting the ongoing markets?


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  1. Ruth says:

    That’s a real shame if the Veteran’s Park market is closing! I didn’t even know there was one on Bethesda Lane, thanks for mentioning it!

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