Pizzeria Uno to be Replaced by Food, Wine and Company

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Raj recently wrote a post about good ol’ Pizzeria Uno on Wisconsin closing its doors.  But there’s great news in store as they’re set to reopen again in due course, this time by Food, Wine and Company – a unique neighborhood bistro.  Their single-page website says:

A Unique Neighborhood Bistro where creative comfort food is paired with an extensive global selection of wine & beer.  Our menu showcases an evolution of familiar dishes using the freshest ingredients & innovative techniques.

At FOOD WINE & CO., family & friends gather to enjoy satisfying meals and good company.  Let us show you why the best nights out happen when you feel right at home.

Well this is exciting news indeed!  It’s always nice to see an empty retail space filled, especially in the wake of the economic downturn, but it’s also exciting to think that yet another unique restaurant is set to be added to Bethesda’s growing list of impressive eateries. In addition to the food, that “global selection of wine & beer” sounds especially appealing!

We’ll await this one with eager anticipation, and inform you of all the latest developments as soon as we know.  Stay tuned!  Big thanks to Brain for this information.


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