Reflections On The Snow Week

The last few days have been a welcome respite from snowmageddon rounds one and two began almost ten days ago but seem to have been dragging on for much longer.  With the sun making a welcome appearance and the big thaw beginning, we take a look back at some snowy photos from the past week kindly sent our way by Patricia Tunnerman-Stewart.  These great pics also offer up an explanation to the current abundance of snow piles and large scale puddles they are giving way to…


Clearing cars has been an epic task, and no matter how snow-free you try and keep them, a fresh covering of compact snow was never far away.  Couple that with the drifts that have built up against each vehicle, and it could be some time before these machines are back on the roads!

snowy tables

This snow scene punctuated by half covered tables and chairs makes for a fantastic photograph.  The outdoor furniture offers a sense of scale to the drifts that surround it.

bethesda 2

Welcome to Bethesda!

bethesda 3

Here’s a birdseye view we haven’t yet seen on this blog showing the snowy roofs of the eateries along Cordell Avenue.  The snow bank against the car’s front wheel shows how deep the snow is down the sides of the street.

snowy streets

And again, the streets abound with snow piles, drifts and steep-sided snow banks that make walking down the sidewalks seem like trying to negotiate an endless icy corridor.  Ice on the ground is an issue now, and further problems will arise when these snow piles really do start to thaw.  But first, we have another round of snow to contend against, due to hit tomorrow and continue overnight into Tuesday… But if this winter weather is good for anything, it’s a good large-scale snowball fight.  Patricia’s husband Cody Stewart (above) clearly has the right idea!


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