The Snow Makes Its Last Stand

snow drift

snow drift 2

It’s been an interesting couple of days!  After the disruption of snowmageddon last weekend and the brief resurgence on Tuesday – with more snow and added gusts of wind leaving a fresh covering over everything – we wanted to share this little selection of photos bringing up to date our cataloging of the February storms.

tennis court

tennis court 2

The tennis court in Battery Park still had the net up but only the tape could be seen.  A routine trip to take out the trash was turned into an epic effort since the dumpster was almost completely buried, as was our car and what is normally used as the foot path.



And here’s Sandra knee-deep in snow!


Wednesday, on the other hand, brought sunshine, increasing temperatures and clear skies.  The federal government is finally reopening again in the morning (as far as we know) and with any luck things are happily on their way toward normality again in time for the Valentine’s Day weekend.  But the sunshine could bring with it a new problem for both motorists and pedestrians – namely turning those impressive snow drifts into very, very deep puddles!


One Response to The Snow Makes Its Last Stand

  1. Edward says:

    That’s a great picture of the blowing snow. It really shows the wind and how the snow was drifting.

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