A Walk About Town in the Calm Before the Storm

As we awaited the blizzard that is currently swirling around outside, we decided to take a stroll – or should I say trudge – around town and make the most of that small pocket of time known as the calm before the storm.  Here are some fun photos we picked up along the way:

queen vic

Has anyone seen the awesome snow statue of Queen Victoria – literally the ice queen herself!  We have no idea who made this but whoever it was clearly put a lot of work into it with terrific results (could it be the local ex pat population perhaps?!).  Oh and we loved the Mardi Gras beads around her neck serving as pearls – definitely an interesting new take on good old Queen Vic!  Our photoshoot also snapped the grandmother of Europe from various angles:

queen vic 2

The impressive sculpture’s profile stands out well against the tree in the background.

queen vic n raj

And here’s Raj trudging over for a closer look!

big melt

Even someone who fared as poorly as I did in science class at school can figure out that when all this snow finally melts, there’s going to be one heck of a lot of water washing around the streets of Bethesda!  The photo above shows the roads swimming after a brief encounter with the sun yesterday… So if this is the small melt, what can we expect from the big one?  Hopefully when the sun does come the snow will melt slowly because those snow mounds along the sides of the roads are going to make things interesting for drivers and pedestrians alike!

posh pooch

When we passed Posh Pooch we noticed this change of business notice in the window.  By the looks of it, the premises is set to become a new restaurant in old Bethesda.  More to come on this (in the meantime does anyone know what the story is?).


With the break in snow some restocking started and the trash removal guys were everywhere – clearly trying to get done what they could before round two. This guy had driven down from Baltimore to deliver his goods and was hoping to deliver them and then get out before conditions worsened again.


The Bethesda Circulator stops had been dug out but unsurprisingly service has yet to resume…


The streets were lined up with crews preparing for the next onslaught.  Let’s hope all this heavy machinary is currently proving effective!


The empty shelves say it all!  There was no shortage of people ducking into Safeway to get what they could between storms but those that made it in faced very bare shelves if they were looking for any fresh produce.  Vegetables, fruit, milk, yogurt, fish and so on were pretty much cleared out completely.

safeway 2

Plenty of shoppers lined up at check out despite the lack of produce on the shelves, while Roopa picks up some essentials!

scratch cards

Even the Lotto card scratch off machine was out of stock for a lot of its cards – hard to tell if it was a problem with restocking or if the third day of government shut downs from weather has made people believe that anything is possible.


The melt was pretty short and walking was treacherous.  Even the news of the snow was almost buried.  Snow still piled high on the side of the roads and ice definitely setting in.  From berries and shrubs to buildings the icicles were pretty amazing. Some of the colorful berries and leaves made a beautiful contrast to the snow.  And finally, just before the weather turned again we found an almost perfect snow angel. Someone’s still looking at the bright side!


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