Shovel Out Fire Hydrants! Montgomery County Officials Urge Action

With another snow storm about to hit us we wanted to bring this important safety request to your attention. We saw this statement from Montgomery County and felt we should pass it on — please read it all the way through and if you have any questions or concerns reach out to the County or local emergency services.

Montgomery County Officials Urge Residents to Shovel Out Fire Hydrants

Montgomery County officials are urging residents to clear snow away from fire hydrants so that they are visible from the road and accessible to firefighters in the event of emergency.

Residents are also reminded to exercise caution when shoveling snow. Shovel snow into the yard rather than the street, to facilitate plowing. Cold weather puts an extra strain on the body. Individuals with heart disease or high blood pressure should follow their doctor’s advice about shoveling snow or performing other hard work in the cold. Avoid overexertion. Heart attacks from shoveling heavy snow are a leading cause of deaths during winter.

Property owners are responsible for clearing their public sidewalks, driveways and entrances within 24 hours of the end of a snowstorm. All residents are strongly encouraged to be good neighbors by clearing the sidewalks in front of their homes, as well as assisting those who may not be physically able to do so. 


3 Responses to Shovel Out Fire Hydrants! Montgomery County Officials Urge Action

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  2. Edward says:

    Good advice. I saw that the fire hydrants in downtown Bethesda had yellow caution tape around them, I’m guessing it is to make them easier to find.

  3. Tom says:

    I think you’re right, Edward. They seem to have done a good job of getting out there early and taping around the fire hydrants. I guess they’d be absolutely impossible to find once the snow had covered them… That could be disastrous!

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