Enjoying the Snow!

We’ve been wading through the snow around town this weekend, checking out the inclement weather’s effects on local businesses, doing our best to pelt each other with snowballs, and chatting to local people about how they were making the most of the winter wonderland.  Here are a few pics of people in the local community going out in the snow.

Allie and Bob

Allie and Bob (above) had a great time out in the snow with Allie’s sled, and decided to take some snow home with them for safe keeping!

Anu and Raja

Anu and Raja were expecting a visit from their daughter but first they had to clear her a space to park!  Here they are with their driveway almost cleared – just the monster pile of snow at the entrance to go…

Alan Gelb

Alan Gelb conquers the driveway – good work Alan!

Clearing Driveway

And finally, Rahul and Ujwala who’ve successfully managed to chase winter off their driveway with determination and some good old elbow grease.

Congrats on a job well done everyone, and thanks very much for letting the Bethesda Actually team grab a photo for this post.  I sense a nice hot cup of hot chocolate coming on!


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