Around Town On The First Big Day of Snowmageddon Bethesda

Well it’s been a day of deep snow out there in Bethesda and the wider area!  Your intrepid Bethesda Actually team decided to don the snow boots earlier today and check out what was happening around town, and whether or not shops were managing to open their doors in the midst of the big freeze, aka Snowmageddon.  Playing the part of the good old reporter on the beat, we found that some Bethesda workers had gone above and beyond the call of duty to meet the extreme weather head-on:

Bethesda streets



First of all let’s start with the staff at Giant grocery store.  Many of them slept in the store overnight to be sure they’d be able to open shop today.  Some of the essentials, including bottled water, had been completely depleted, but on the whole the shelves were fully stocked – great job there!

Tastee Diner

In true Tastee Diner fashion, the local landmark remained open and thanks to the blizzard outside, the already fantastic hot chocolate was even better than usual!  Bethesda Up road crews were doing and continue to do an incredible job, while the Bethesda Chevy Chase Fire and Rescue service were out and about lending a hand to anyone who needed it – great job and thanks for your efforts!


Chatting to people we met while we were out and about, we also managed to shed some light on why Strosniders Hardware had a major shortage of snow shovels yesterday.  It turns out that on Friday, someone bought 80 shovels from the store, as well as a few sleds, and sold them on for a profit down the road on the streets of Georgetown.  So if you never got one, that’s where your snow shovel went!




One group who never tire of snow – and have a great time when everyone else is running around just trying to ensure the shelves are stocked up – are the local kids.  One group we stumbled across had been out for a few hours and were clearly having an absolutely great time.  Not that you ever grow out of sledding of course!


parking lot

The Crescent Trail clearly needed blazing, but Raj was making the most of it!  Needless to say, the parking lot was empty.  We’ll have more on this tomorrow, but in the meantime we’d love to hear any of your snow stories from this weekend!  If you have any tales to tell do feel free to comment or drop us a message.  In the meantime here’s a few more pics from around town today:

Bethesda pics


6 Responses to Around Town On The First Big Day of Snowmageddon Bethesda

  1. Beth says:

    Who would have thought the Bethesda parking lot would EVER be empty on a Sat Morning !! What a Day!!! A couple of us went walking around today. It may not have been “pedestrian friendly” but there were lots of friendly pedestrians nonetheless. We had a great time chatting to people out and about in the snow.

  2. Robert says:

    Pics look amazing! I wish i was there. Did get to see this though:

    Weatherman Freaking Out Over DC SnowpocalypseUploaded by TheDlisted. – Check out other Film & TV videos.

  3. Tom says:

    Hey Beth, thanks for your comment and glad you managed to get out and about in the snow! I know what you mean about friendly pedestrians. There was definitely some good camaraderie between people around town, what a day indeed!

  4. RC says:

    Great pictures!! I almost felt like I was there again. although, it was in the high 60’s and sunny here in Florida yesterday.

  5. Tom says:

    Thanks, RC!! It was a fun and slightly different weekend for sure, but after a couple of days the 60’s of Florida certainly sounds appealing!

  6. Ruth says:

    Great pictures guys, you really did capture it ALL!

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