Dance Bethesda & Play In A Day

A friend passed on a couple of leaflets about some cool upcoming events in Bethesda, presented by our friends at the Bethesda Urban Partnership. 

The first, Dance Bethesda (February 26-27), includes free lessons and parties at a selection of downtown Bethesda dance studios and includes a variety of genres.  The event has previously won the 2008 Metro DC Dance Awards where it was hailed Best Overall Production.  Click here for more information.

The second, Play In A Day (Saturday, March 20), will see six theatre companies write, direct and perform short, 10-minute plays, in the space of just one day.  Tickets are $15 available on (some tickets will be sold on the door).  There’s free parking for the event at 4908 Auburn Avenue, although you can always take the good old FREE Bethesda Circulator from the Metro station!

I must confess I’m not much of a dancer (although lessons would definitely be a good thing in an attempt to try and tame both of my left feet) but I’m definitely down for Play In A Day!


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  1. Patricia says:

    I highly recommend checking out Dance Bethesda! My husband and I enjoy going to their Friday night socials as often as we can. Class starts at 7pm, which is divided into beginners and advanced, cycles through a couple dance types. Then the social dance starts at 9pm.

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