Sorry to be somewhat apocalyptic with the title of this post.  I literally just got home after an epic trawl around various grocery stores, and was watching the local news for latest updates on the weather only to hear the anchor refer to the impending snow storm as “snowmageddon”.  It seemed appropriate under the circumstances!

In an effort to prepare myself for the weather I dropped in at Strosniders this afternoon to pick up a snow shovel.  I was told they wouldn’t have any until later in the day (one person said 4:30pm, another said 5:30pm) so I decided – ultimately unsuccessfully – to try my luck elsewhere.

Sorry for not writing this earlier… The whole point of this post was to give you all a heads-up about when the shovels would be back on the shelves.  Hopefully you’ve managed to find one.  Ice Melt was a popular purchase though, with the pic above giving some idea of the scene outside Strosniders about 3:30pm today.

But all is not lost and every cloud has a silver lining!  If you can’t make it to work tomorrow and the kids’ school is closed, why not pick up a sled and hit the slopes?  Unlike snow shovels, there was no shortage of sleds to go round with a color to suit every taste.  I already know what I’ll be doing tomorrow!  Latest update is getting on for 20 inches beginning about 11am tomorrow… More to come in the morning!

Bethesda 2


4 Responses to Snowmageddon!

  1. Sandra says:

    It’s crazy out there. The Giant was packed. We couldn’t find parking and left. But,for those of you who made it in and got supplies here’s a link to some great SNOW BOUND HOME COOKIN Recipes…..
    It’s also a fund site for local weather updates. Happy Snowing =)

  2. Tom says:

    That’s awesome, thanks for posting Sandra! I for one can confirm that chaos at the grocery stores but once I’d gone past the point of no return, so to speak, I decided to hang in there. I now have enough to feed me for a month but had a feeling those dusty old cans in the back of the cupboard would come in handy for something! Some great recipes here.

  3. Rosie says:

    Let’s make the most of Snowmageddon! Can’t make it to the National Mall Snowball Fight? Let’s have our own family snowball fun here in Bethesda! 6:00 PM tonight in Bethesda Row alley.

  4. Merisi says:

    Did the snowball fun on Bethesda Row acutally happen?

    I just found your blog via The Washington Post.
    I am an old Washingtonian and miss Bethesda!

    I hope you all got safely through the recent snowfalls.

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