Walking for the Arts

I’ve got to be honest – it is tough getting out for a walk when the weather is fluctuating from very cold to rainy …..I am really trying to stay in shape this winter but mother nature is not aiding my efforts! Fortunately, the super folks behind Bethesda Art Walk have made it a little easier to get motivated to walk.

Not heard of the Art Walk? Well let me give you the 411. The second Friday of every month there is a free gallary walk organized in Bethesda. As a part of it you can check out lots of galleries and studios that feature gobs of really interesting stuff. Photographs, pottery, painting…..well you get the idea. As an added bonus some of the places involved have nice little receptions (yes you knew food/ drink was likely to be involved). Sometimes the tour is self guided and on other occasions you can someone to guide you around. Either way it is a lot of fun and a good excuse to wrap up warm and stroll around town. The next one is February 12 and is, I think, self-guided. The tours start at the Metro (630pm start I believe although the galleries open 30 mins earlier I think) and I’m guessing if you are a bit late you can catch up and join in along the way. Have fun and enjoy the stroll!


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