A Delightful Happy Hour

Mon Ami Gabi is a wonderful restaurant located in the heart of Bethesda and we will certainly review the brunch, lunch and dinner options available sometime soon.

However, I’m guessing that at the moment a few of us are looking for ways to have an enjoyable meal out without breaking the bank….and if you are in that mode, I strongly recommend the happy hour at Mon Ami.

It is a little on the early side (about 5pm to 630pm) but a visit allows you to sit and enjoy the lovely bar area at Mon Ami and try their delightful salmon burger. Well made, really tasty and served with some fantastic (usually) piping out frites this is a must try at $5. The inexpensive price creates a bit of room to sample the very good wines on offer by the glass or, the wider, by the bottle selection. There are a few good beers available as well.

Now, I will say that going to the happy hour should not be seen as a substitute for enjoying the food and atmosphere of the main restaurant but if you, like me, want to have an inexpensive meal out, perhaps induldge in a lovely wine, and save a few dollars as you pay off the holidays….well Mon Ami’s happy hour is for you.


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  1. sandra says:

    …..And the fresh warm baguette and real butter served while you wait for your entre are DELICIOUS!!!

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