Hunger Awareness Event in Bethesda

This looks like a wonderful event for a very good cause:

A very cool collision of area potters, Bethesda Businesses, local restaurants and people who care about hunger. The Empty Bowls Bethesda lunch event brings together artists, local restaurants and the community to help tackle the issue of hunger in the Washington metro region. For a minimum donation of $25, guests will savor delicious soups and breads from the areas hottest restaurants and leave with unique, handcrafted bowls donated by local artists. Guests keep their bowls as a reminder of how they helped fill empty bowls in the community. All proceeds from the sale of the art bowls go directly to the CAFB. The Capital Area Food Bank provides 10.6 million pounds of food to children, seniors and families in Maryland, through 192 partner agencies.

Should Bethesda’s Parking Garages Charge at the Weekend?

An interesting argument is kicking off regarding the cost of parking in Bethesda. It seems that the parking authority in charge of Bethesda garages is losing money, in part because of capital intensive projects and in part due to not charging in garages at the weekend.

This all leads to an interesting question – if you drive into Bethesda at the weekend and park for free in one of the free garages, would you change your behavior if you had to pay? Would you walk? Take the free shuttle? Bike? Drive to the Mall?

Let us know!


Folks, after dealing with a range of technical issues we are relaunching our humble little blog.

Feel free to drop us a line ( or leave a comment with suggestions for topics that Bethesda Actually should cover.


Bethesda Mews by the People who Created Symphony Park

Friends, you know that we were very excited by the Streetscapes/ Michael Harris homes project at Symphony Park. Fortunately we were able to provide some useful advice to folks interested in that project. Now, we are happy to begin to bring you some information on Bethesda Mews, a new project by the same partners. Our goal is to again provide you as much real time info as we can for this 29 (or so) SFH project on Old Georgetown Road.

If you are interested in learning more about Bethesda Mews feel free to give me a call at (240)486-3921.


Mews 2 lr

Westbard Vision Update!

Folks, Bethesda Actually will be at the next meeting of Westbard Vision and will report back:


Thank you again for your interest in the future of Westwood Shopping Center and its adjacent properties. After reviewing feedback from the two public workshops and the comments received through the website, we are working to develop design principles. We welcome you to a presentation of those principles Tuesday evening, March 4, 2014. At this meeting, each of the moderators will take additional comments and answer any other questions.

Design Principles Presentation Tuesday, March 4 7:30 p.m. Walt Whitman High School Auditorium 7100 Whittier Boulevard, Bethesda, MD 20817

We look forward to continuing this dialogue with you as we explore redevelopment opportunities. Equity One

Happy Valentines Day and Snow Dog =)

Happy Valentine’s Day from Bethesda Actually.  Here are a couple of shots to warm your heart on this day of love. I have to say the sun mottled snow was beautiful this morning but the snowman with his trusty snowdog melted my heart. =) Alas our picture of the two together didn’t come out so we can only share the shot of snow dog himself.  Did anyone else snap the cute couple?  If so please send us a shot. And feel free to share any other pictures we can post from your Bethesda Snochi experience.

Snowman and Snowdog - CopySnowdog with stick





Snowman and Snowdog 2-001Snowman and Snowdog 2

Caution Snow and Ice May Exist


So no snow day today and heading in was a mixed bag of slosh, snow and refrozen slosh and snow.  This sign says it best and here are a few pictures of the conditions this morning heading in.  Including beautiful but also blinding sunlight. Be Careful out there.


Frozen Slosh 2

Iced-over Slosh

Re-Frozen Path

Blinding Light




Bethesda Openings and Supplies

While much of Bethesda was closed today — even Barnes and Nobles wasn’t open when we headed by — Some places did open up for those hearty souls out to grab a cuppa joe or some supplies.  Tastee Diner, Dunkin Donuts, Bethesda Bagels and Giant were all open.   And one very aptly named clothing store, Breaking Ice, on Bethesda Avenue looked like it was opening up as we walked by.


Bethesda Snow Accumulation

It’s a strange one here in Bethesda.  We woke up to almost no snow on the trees and we wondered if this had been a bust but when we got outside the inches on the ground had really piled up over night.  Our first step out and we seemed to sink a foot.  We took out a trusty ruler and headed to Battery Park to measure the accumulation on flat area.  We got almost 28cm or just a hair over 11 inches.  That’s pretty impressive.  Any others out there measuring the snow?






28 cm

Bethesda Conditions

For much of today the snow was deep in some parts but really slushy in others.  The roads were mostly cleared down town bethesda but cars wizzing around were spraying goopy/slushy snow up at pedestrians and there were large puddles at intersections.  As then next bout of snow comes around and temperatures drop, all that slush may re-freeze. Some re-freezing has already started on what appear to be cleared paths so please be careful out there.




sloppy but clear roads