Good Piece on Apex Building Redevelopment

Just wanted to share this article and add that I am really concerned by the disruption this project will create — could be a real mess to be honest.

Bethesda Blues Jazz Supper Club Building: Foreclosure Auction?

This is a story that needs clarifying a bit — it seems that the foreclosure is against the company that owns the real estate not the company that leases the space for the Supper club. Unclear what the duration of the lease is and whether a foreclosure sale would impact the ability of the Supper club to remain in place over the long run.

Good Works in Bethesda/ MoCo

Hi friends, I wanted to take a moment to post some info on a terrific group called Rebuilding Together Montgomery County.  RTMC is doing wonderful and important work by providing safe, warm and healthy homes to some of the most vulnerable residents in Montgomery county.
A colleague just let me know about a fun fundraising event that is coming up for RTMC called “The Playhouse Project.” The essence is that 8 amazing one-of-a-kind playhouses (built and donated by local custom home builders) will be auctioned live on June 11.
My colleague forwarded the info and the link below:

Reflections on Last Weeks Shooting

I wanted to let a few days pass before I posted a note on the tragic shootings last week in Bethesda and Silver Spring. First, and most importantly, our thoughts are with the victims and their families. Such senseless acts of violence have become all too common and, after last weeks acts, it is clear we are not immune here in Bethesda. 

When you have been through a scary situation like this I feel that it is important to note that there were many people who stepped up and tried to make things a bit better. In particular there are 3-4 groups of people who deserve our thanks:

1. law enforcement – who acted quickly and bravely to bring the accused to justice

2. school teachers and administrators throughout the county who quickly implemented lock downs to try and protect our children

3. medical staff – dealing with the victims of the shootings to try and save lives

4. security staff throughout the county that assisted law enforcement in locking down gov buildings, schools etc.

It is very hard to see anything good coming out of this incident…maybe it will encourage our elected officials to push for better mental health care and tighter gun laws? I hope so but am not sure.

So I will end this post by thanking those who reacted and hoping those who can reduce the number of these incidents will do their jobs a little bit better.

Picture of the Day: Which Apartment building is this?





Send us an email with the answer!

Congratulations Jamie Raskin

State Senator, and Washington College of Law Professor, Jamie Raskin will be the Democratic Party nominee for the MD 8th Congressional district which includes Bethesda. Obviously we are non-partisan here at Bethesda Actually but wanted to pass on the news and congratulate Raskin on winning a high profile race.

Feel free to share any thoughts on the voting experience here in Bethesda via email.


Grosvenor Heights Bethesda Model Ready for Viewing!

I recently popped by Grosvenor Heights, the new townhome project by EYA Homes located in Bethesda. The model home is now open and the 33 acre community is really starting to take shape. I liked many of the features in the model and think that the elevator’s are a wise addition.

Happy to discuss further and set up a showing if that is useful. Feel free to give me a call on this or any other real estate matter at (240)486-3921.


grosvenor heights 1

Primary Day in Bethesda

Just got back from voting at BCC – thanks to all the volunteers and poll workers. As usual you made it a good experience.

I was also really happy to see that the new voting system includes a paper ballot combined with an electronic scanner – I thought that was quite a smart bit of innovation.

Go out and vote folks!

A Cold Valentine’s Day in Bethesda

Well folks, it promises to be a cold Valentine’s day this year and here at Bethesda Actually we started to think about ways to make it a tad bit more enjoyable. And then the answer came to us…Soup!

What better way to spend Valentine’s day than enjoying a warm bowl of soup with your significant other, family and/ or friends?

Here are our top three list of places in Bethesda to get a warm bowl of soup this Sunday (or any day this week to be honest):

1. Kadhai Bethesda has many warming dishes on the menu, our personal recommendations are the Daal Takha or Daal Makhin – both are absolutely delightful.


2. Satsuma Bethesda – our favorites Japanese restaurant in the metro area has many wonderful noodle soups. Our favorite is the Udon Noodle soup!

sushi spring

3. La Madeline Bethesda makes the list in part due to their lovely soups but also the promise of enjoying the soup if front of a warm fire.


What are your favorite places in Bethesda to have soup?

New School Ratings Tool

As we all know, many of our neighbors have moved to Bethesda for the highly ranked schools. A new tool provides competition to the existing sites and perhaps makes things a little bit easier for those considering a real estate purchase with schools in mind. It is important to always double check the boundaries with the school board.

The tool can be found here:

This is test search I conducted on Bethesda schools.

Remember if you need any real estate assistance in the Bethesda/ DC metro area, including a possible move into a specific school district, you can reach me at and (240)486-3921.