Over 450 Residents Signed Petitions Against Road in Battery Park

There was a really big push against the road – which was wonderful to see. A few nice quotes here.

One of the most eloquent speakers was Paul Hanos who stated:

“Who benefits from this? Not the people that live around here…Not the folks who are living in Bethesda and using the park.”

My First Fathers Day

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Thought of the Day!


We Miss Vapiano’s!


More on Battery Park!

We posted a link to this Bethesda Magazine article recently and just noticed a comment there by Paul Vincent, a local resident, that is worth posting here in part so it gets wider coverage and continues the discussion:

……I invite Kraut to walk down Norfolk Ave on a sunny day to observe the park in use and to investigate the motives of the petitioners. While seated at a picnic table shaded by tulip poplars and cottonwood trees, he can observe groups of young children playing safely, teenagers and young adults using the basketball courts, residents walking dogs, parents and grandparents wheeling infants on the path, elderly persons sitting quietly, and passersby stopping for a few minutes to rest in the shade and listen to the birds singing….I am sure he will find that surrounding residents feel as I do: The park is a quiet, safe place for residents to recreate and enjoy the outdoors primarily BECAUSE Norfolk Avenue does not connect with Battery Lane!”

Paul then goes on to ask a few questions:

“1) Kronenburg suggests a need for greater access to Battery Lane. But access to what? Between Woodmont and Old Georgetown, Battery Lane is lined with apartments–the residents of these apartments are the pedestrians, bicyclists, and recreators who oppose the road.

2) According to Kronenburg, the recommendations include expanding the park to the east if the low-rise office building and Sherwin Williams are redeveloped or sold. Is that a promise? Where’s the guarantee? What will that “redevelopment” entail? another highrise? What will this expanded park look like in the shadow of another high-rise? We have a park filled with mature trees now. Let’s not lose that.

3) Kronenburg says that the plans are to make Norfolk more cyclist friendly. I cycle up and down Norfolk everyday. Norfolk Avenue is wide; it has stops signs and traffic lights that slow the traffic. In my view, it’s the safest road in Bethesda.

4) Kronenburg argues for “a more pronounced bicycle link” between Woodmont triangle and Battery Lane Park. What does that mean? We’re talking about a few hundred yards. Wouldn’t a few strategically placed signs suffice? Let’s do that tomorrow.

5) Finally, Kronenburg mentions a walking path. Norfolk has sidewalks already. They seem pretty functional to me. Is the plan to do away with sidewalks so that pedestrians are walking in the street or sharing a bicycle lane?

Kronenburg and Kraut miss the point. We have a park now that is cut off from automobile traffic. It’s a safe, well-used treasure that improves the quality of life for residents and provides habitat for plants, birds, and other wildlife.”

Very important points are raised here – ones that the authorities must consider at their hearing.

Smash Burger!

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Update on Proposed Road Through Battery Park

As you know the County is looking to put a road through Battery Park. The community is rallying to urge them to reconsider and the story is picking up press attention. The online petition has topped a 100 signatures and various groups from day care center (parents and staff), cross fit athletes, dog walking club members etc. are all registering their disapproval with the plan.

The road is not needed to connect the community with the rest of Bethesda as there are bike and foot paths to do so.

Further, the damage to one of the few places in Bethesda where kids can run free would be immense.

The County leadership needs to think long and hard – is this really the best use of tax payer dollars?

A loyal reader just noted that the Montgomery County Planning Board has proposed a road through Battery Park. She has set up a petition to oppose it as the road really would harm this wonderful community park. I hope readers who use this park or care about it are able to take action and oppose the road.

The petition is at: https://www.change.org/p/montgomery-county-planning-board-and-montgomery-county-council-no-road-through-battery-park?

You can also go to the public hearing on June 24, 2015  and/or submit testimony at: http//www.montgomeryapps.org/planning_board/testify.asp


Hunger Awareness Event in Bethesda

This looks like a wonderful event for a very good cause:

A very cool collision of area potters, Bethesda Businesses, local restaurants and people who care about hunger. The Empty Bowls Bethesda lunch event brings together artists, local restaurants and the community to help tackle the issue of hunger in the Washington metro region. For a minimum donation of $25, guests will savor delicious soups and breads from the areas hottest restaurants and leave with unique, handcrafted bowls donated by local artists. Guests keep their bowls as a reminder of how they helped fill empty bowls in the community. All proceeds from the sale of the art bowls go directly to the CAFB. The Capital Area Food Bank provides 10.6 million pounds of food to children, seniors and families in Maryland, through 192 partner agencies.

Should Bethesda’s Parking Garages Charge at the Weekend?

An interesting argument is kicking off regarding the cost of parking in Bethesda. It seems that the parking authority in charge of Bethesda garages is losing money, in part because of capital intensive projects and in part due to not charging in garages at the weekend.

This all leads to an interesting question – if you drive into Bethesda at the weekend and park for free in one of the free garages, would you change your behavior if you had to pay? Would you walk? Take the free shuttle? Bike? Drive to the Mall?

Let us know!