Weekend Fun

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One regular reader noted that they hoped to get out and play some tennis at the courts at Battery Park!


Where is North Bethesda?

I jest of course but as a real estate professional I do get this question from time to time.

Our friends at Bethesda Magazine explored the question in a recent article which make for a fun read and discussion!

Bethesda Library Part of Second Annual Food for Fines Program

Just a reminder for all of you library users who may have an outstanding fine or two :-)

See you at the library!!!

However your fines happened, we are pleased to be offering our second annual Food for Fine campaign!
Every canned good or non-perishable food item you bring to your library October 16–30 will reduce your existing fines or hold fees by one dollar. (Donations cannot be used towards other fees.) The Food for Fines program is part of our support forMontgomery County’s Community Service Week. All food will be donated to the Manna Food Center. Shelf-stable foods such as canned fruits, vegetables and meats, dried beans, brown rice, quinoa, low sugar cereals, baby food, formula, and vegetarian items will be accepted as donations. Unfortunately, we cannot accept home-canned items, opened foods, or foods past their expiration dates.
No fines but still want to get involved? No problem! All customers are welcome to drop off donations at our branches during this program.



Greening Bethesda

The recent Bethesda Green awards gala was an opportunity to showcase good, green efforts in the community via their green awards ceremony. We were happy to see that TD Bank and Bell Nursery co-won the leading by example awards for business:

“TD Bank on Old Georgetown Road and Woodmont Avenue in Bethesda and Bell Nursery, with a location in Silver Spring, were co-winners of the Leading by Example Award for businesses. TD Bank uses solar panels, a green roof, ivy walls and recycled products to make its building and business as green as possible. Bell Nursery, which supplies flowers and plants across the Mid-Atlantic, has continued to work with Home Depot to recycle millions of plastic pots. The company also has converted two of its facilities entirely to wind power and has promoted the production of native plants.”


Important Report on Binge Drinking

A hat tip to our friends at Patch for reporting on this important health and safety issue – a recent townhall meeting on binge drinking in Bethesda.

Our kid is still really young but as reports and discussions like this surface, it becomes clear that it is never too early  to start paying attention to issues like this.

Tia Queta

Thanks to our friends at Tia Queta for a meal we recently had there! Fantastic Mole as ever!


Winter (Way to Early Forecast): Snow and Cold

While it is still fall, I was chatting with someone about the coming winter and thought I’d take a look at the snow predictions. It isn’t pretty – take a look at this link.

The forecast can be summed up this way:



Thoughts on the Future of Bethesda

I was walking around Bethesda with my family this week and we happened to stroll by a new construction project in old Bethesda. We got talking and came to a couple of conclusions:

1. On balance, the smart growth aspect of Bethesda’s plan does make sense – increasing density is a good thing in the age of climate change etc.

2. Bethesda needs to do much, much more to improve its environmental footprint. From green roof projects to adding in more pocket parks, there are things that can and should be done.

Now, some of that responsibility will be on the authorities – in particular at the county level. They need to demand more from developers – just look at DC as an example.

However, it is not only the role of government. Our civil society groups need to do more. Bethesda Green (who we have donated to over the years) needs to push the whole community to embrace a more powerful plan for smart and green growth.

And we the citizens need to do more, from signing up with the compost crew (a terrific bethesda organization) to adding permeable surfaces to our homes and driveways.

We can and must make Bethesda a better, greener place!

beth act 2

Tim Kaine will be Championing Hillary Clinton in Bethesda!

This is big news folks, looks like the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate will be in Bethesda on October 17th!

More news here.

And remember, the deadline to register to vote in Maryland is fast approaching:

“…by registering to vote ahead of the Oct. 17 deadline or by checking their registration status at iwillvote.com

Niche.com ranks Bethesda No. 89 Nationally

Congratulations to all of the people who make Bethesda their home. Niche.com ranked Bethesda No. 89 nationally in a very detailed study on the top 100 places to live across the country (see here for a searchable site).

Their methodology includes real estate (yay) and a whole lot more besides:

The 2016 Best Places to Live ranking provides a comprehensive assessment of the overall livability of an area at the place level. This grade takes into account several key factors of a location, including the quality of local schools, crime rates, housing trends, employment statistics, and access to amenities in an attempt to measure the overall quality of an area.

It is also important to point out that 11 neighborhoods in Montgomery County made the top 100 list. Congratulations to all their residents!

My day job, as regular readers know, is that of a real estate agent (licensed associate broker in MD and licensed agent DC and VA) and I am very happy to discuss these, and other local neighborhoods, with folks thinking about moving to our area. Feel free to give a call at 240 486 3921.